SHLA (Midlands) launch on 13 June 2017 – a SOLD OUT Event!

SHLA (Midlands) launch on 13 June 2017 – a SOLD OUT Event!

The SHLA (Midlands) launch in June 2017 was a sold out event and additional tickets had to be released a few days before the event to cope with demand.
The event saw a good mix of practitioners from housing associations, local authorities, private practice firms and barristers chambers. Practitioners were able to network over a bite to eat and some wine for an hour before the event started and for about an hour afterwards. This is in keeping with SHLAs aims and objectives which includes providing a forum for housing practitioners to exchange ideas and discuss new ideas in addition to SHLAs aim of providing both informative and engaging seminars and the topic of this seminar was Anti-Social Behaviour.

DJ Salmon (Guest speaker) – A view from the Bench

Speaking of engaging, DJ Salmon stepped into the breach for DJ Shorthose (who was unable to attend due to personal circumstances) and he delivered a top class view from the bench talk. DJ Salmon was as usual, sharp witty and engaging. His advice to practitioners included the need for practitioners to notify the court of mental health issues, engage with Litigants in Person, arrange for translators where necessary and the preparation of chronologies and Scott schedules where appropriate. In short, practitioners should do what will make life easier for the Judge who needs to exercise their case management powers. The Judge also reminded practitioners that when engaging with Litigants in Person, they should remember to signpost litigants to agencies that can provide legal advice and alert them that Legal Aid is often available for committal proceedings. And oh yes, if you have ever pulled a fast one on a Judge before, just remember that you will be back before the same Judge again in the future! “How do you think you will fare then?. Like the SHLA (Midlands) Chair, Yetunde Dania, said to delegates “Please ensure that you leave the Judge in a good mood, for the next practitioner who will be appearing before the Judge”.

Kuljit Bhogal – Speaker – Anti-Social Behaviour and the new law

As far as informative talks go, Kuljit managed to both inform and interact with practitioners in her specialist area of ASB. As a leading expert, it is not unheard of for her book "Cornerstone on Anti-Social Behaviour: The New Law" to be used by the police and other practitioners as both training material and their bible. Her slides were comprehensive and will be priceless. But in addition to this, she was able to elicit examples and anecdotes from delegates about recent cases, best practices and tips. Kuljit informed delegates that closure orders have provided to be useful and popular whilst it has proven difficult to find supervisors who are willing to monitor the positive requirements. Delegates agreed that Youth Injunctions are still a hit and miss with practitioners being given the run around and having to tweak various forms in order to make applications. Practitioners agreed that when it came to the mandatory grounds for possession, the new ground 7A was not as effective a route to possession as many had hoped it to be, as it was frequently meeting public law defences and equality act defences.
Although on the whole, injunctions under the new law are pretty much as they were under the old law, Kuljit was still able to provide recent case law that would be of great assistance to practitioners.

The future of SHLA (Midlands) is in our hands

All in all, the launch of SHLA (Midlands) was a huge success. The launch was in keeping with SHLAs values, aims and objectives as an organisation for all housing professionals and run by housing professionals.

We intend to deal with mental health as the topic at the next event, details of which will be sent out in due course. We are particularly keen for input from all housing professionals on which subjects they would like us to cover in the future. Just drop us an email with any suggestions.
We welcome all housing practitioners and professionals operating in the Midlands and its surrounding areas to join us and help us make SHLA (Midlands) even better!
This event was kindly sponsored by St Ives Chambers, Anthony Collins LLP and SHLA

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